Page 1: Key Information

The objective of the Erasmus+ project Social Inclusion and Engagement in Mobility (SIEM) is to improve the opportunities and chances in life for young people from all backgrounds by increasing their participation in the Erasmus+ programme. As part of the SIEM project, research will be undertaken with both students and universities to assess barriers to and enablers of mobility.

The outcomes of the project will lead to a better understanding of the barriers and enablers of mobility for students, ensuring more equitable access for all students regardless of background. The staff survey will inform a research report with recommendations to improve support offered to students who wish to go abroad. The report will be published and available free of charge on the SIEM project website, where more information can be found. 

Aim of Staff Survey

This survey aims to explore the mobility programmes and support offered to students at their institutions. This survey aims at:

  • Understanding how mobility programmes are organised across Europe
  • Understanding how students are supported to access mobility programmes
  • Mapping different stakeholders involved in supporting a mobility experience for students

The survey has six sections of questions, each focusing on a specific area. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Should you have any further question on the survey or the project, please contact us at

Many thanks in advance for your responses which are extremely valuable to this project!
Data Collection

Your response will be treated confidentially and only be processed by the staff members of the SIEM project consortium partners. By answering this questionnaire, you acknowledge and agree that the SIEM project may collect and process certain personal data collected through self-declaration in this survey, in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation.
Your recorded answers to the questionnaire will be processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will not be transferred to any other third party.